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more Tropical Flower Bouquets

These freshly cut flowers with its unique style and warm colors are made for someone special. With its lush beauty and fragrant roses along with beautiful dhalias, gladiolis, and Mokara orchids, this bouquet is a vision of ultimate grace and beauty. Arranged in a tall square glass lined with flax and ti leaves, this bouquet will be long remembered as how it brightened your day.

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Home and Office Flower Arrangements

    Tropical bouquet    One of the most beautiful tropical flower bouquets is one made for a home or office that will bring style and elegance to any where placed. These wonderful masterpieces made by a florist or  have the option to make one for yourself with design and creativity. With beautiful colors and appearance, they are popular choices because of their ability to give out a warm feeling of comfort. There is none more rewarding then a fresh bouquet of flowers with all its brTropical flower bouquetight colors and aroma. Whether it’s one type of exotic flowers or a mix variety of tropical blooms, these will add beauty to anywhere in the room. If you're interested, Buy a Tropical Flower Bouquet Now! Couple reminders when designing and creating a bouquet is that tropical flowers will have a longer vase life than regular blooms because of their thick stems, making them perfect for office and home decorations. Favorites such as Bird of Paradise, Heliconias, Orchids, pink or red Ginger, Hibiscus, Cala lilies, and Bromiliads are popular choices. The colors should accent the room or office placed to form a more relaxed feeling to the surrounding area. To give your bouquet more of a tropical feeling, use greenery leaves to go with your bouquet and likTropical flower bouquete tropical flowers, they come in different shapes and sizes. Keep in mind the perfect container is just as important as the flowers that go with it. Choose stylish vases, bowls, or exotic boxes such as bamboo or hardwood. If using a shallow container, floral foam completely saturated in water will also serve as an anchor for these wonderful  flowers. Although these tropical flowers last longer than regular blooms, replacing them every 10 to 14 days can get quite expensive let alone the time it takes to make one. In the end, a sense of pride, beautiful attraction, and a wonderful aroma, will brighten anyone’s day!

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Hand Tools for making a Tropical Flower Bouquet

        When creating a tropical bouquet, using the correct tools and supplies will enhance the chances of a beautiful bouquet. These tools can be found at any hardware or crafts store. Some of these basic tools can also be found in the home or garage. There are building kits available as well which includes everything needed to create a bouquet. Contact a local florist or search online for these kits. Another option is to have an experienced florist design and make a bouquet. This will guarantee a good product and also free the time needed with other preparations. This can get a bit expensive as the florist will need a theme and size of the ceremony in order to arrange the bouquets. The advantage to this is that a professional florist is experienced and well trained to know exactly how it works. On the other hand, designing a bouquet with the correct tools and supplies and a handful of selected flowers can easily cut the cost of what it would normally be from a florist. In a tropical environment, most of these flowers are available in any direction or flowers can be ordered in bulk through a florist. Once on hand, tools and supplies are still needed to make these wonderful bouquets. The key is to have fun, be creative, and know the colors!

If heavy into crafting, it is possible to have all the tools needed to create a wonderful display. Here are some of the basic tools.



floral tools

Cushion Grip Wire Cutters – used for cutting floral wire for a bouquet


floral tools/ cutters

Beadsmith Wire Cutters - can be used for very thin wire or flowers with tiny stems


floral tool / pliers

Needle Nose Pliers – used for twisting wire around the stems of large flowers such as lilies. Bend the ends of the wire and tuck the end inside toward the center of the winding. This prevents the wire from cutting your hand when holding the bouquet.


floral tool / shears

Floral Shears – serrated blade edges are perfect for cutting through live stems and tough jobs.


floral supplies

Green Floral Tape - comes in a ssorted sizes and used for covering the stems or branches, and hiding the wire wrap. The bouquet will also look professionally made.


floral supplies / wireFloral Wire – used to keep stems and branches in a desired position when arranging the flowers. Also keeps the bouquet steady and firm.


crafting glue gun / floralglue gun sticks / floral

Glue Gun and Glue Sticks – preferred by many crafters as the easiest way to keep things together. Use a dab of glue to seal the end of the floral tape after wrapping. Eliminates the use of pins especially for a handheld bouquet. Purchase the glue sticks as the gun will not function properly without it.

       To add beauty to your arrangement is the use of assorted ribbons. These will add style and elegance to your combination. Collecting photos or magazines of flower bouquets will give a better idea to make a beautiful product and with creative imagination, anyone can design and build a Tropical flower Bouquet. 


Tropical Flower Wedding Bouquets

         Tropical Flower Wedding BouquetIn any part of a wedding, the bride is the center of attention and what compliments her special moment is a bridal bouquet. Not just any bridal bouquet, but a tropical flower bouquet. These ultimate combinations of tropical flowers add beauty and grace to the bride making her the center of attention. Sorry guys! That’s how it works! For the women, you are what you wear at your wedding and your tropical flower bouquet will reflect your beauty and personality. The color combinations and fragrance will also remind her of that special night each time she passes these wonderful bouquets. There are many different styles and arrangements to choose from through a local florist or ordered online which can get a bit expensive but none are more rewarding than designing and creating your own flower bouquet. For those living in a tropical environment, these flowers are everywhere and your creativity will set the tone for the exact bouquet. When combining different colors and varieties, the outcome will be a beautiful display. Click here to buy How-to-Guide! Here are some typical flowers used when designing a tropical flower bridal bouquet.

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Tropical Flower Orchid


Orchids – always a favorite choice as wedding flowers. With more than hundreds of orchids to choose from, these are the perfect choice when creating a tropical wedding bouquet. They symbolize beauty, style, and love.




Tropical Flower Anthuriums


Anthuriums – a very unique flower. In the shape of a heart, these flowers are beautiful and long lasting. With a silky touch to its beauty, these almost look like they are not real. They attract a lot of attention when used as a bridal bouquet or arrangement.





Tropical Flower Hibiscus Bouquet


  Hibiscus – usually red and also come in two tone colors such as pink and yellow. Used mostly for beach and Hawaiian themed weddings, complimenting the bride with extreme elegance. Look great when stems are cut and placed in a clear bowl of water with a candle in the center.



Tropical Flower Plumeria Bouquet


Plumeria – a classic Hawaiian tropical flower. Not having stems, these can be stringed together to form a bouquet. Dominantly white, but available in dark red, yellow, and pink.




Tropical Flower Bouvaria Bouquet


 Bouvardia are white, pink, red and grow on clusters on thin branching stems. Resembling a star, these flowers are exotic and found in traditional bouquets. A stunning arrangement when mixed with other flowers.





Tropical Flower Calla Lillies Bouquet


Calla lilies – an elegant choice for a tropical bouquet. Usually white, they’re also available in orange and yellow. With their decorative beauty, they are big enough to use as singles in a bridal bouquet. Smaller lilies work very well with other combination of flowers.




These are some of the flowers used in a tropical flower bouquet. When designing your own bouquet, creativity and imagination are key factors in your design.

Types of Tropical Flowers

   Tropical Flower Bouquet          There are many tropical flower bouquets to choose from whether a display or a handheld bouquet. Lots of tropical flowers grow native in their own region and can be used when designing such a wonderful bouquet. Each flower has its own personality and fragrance and in a natural tropical environment, these beauties can be seen in any direction. When mixed in with other flowers, it creates a beautiful addition to any home or landscape. A professional florist can help and provide assistance in designing any winning combination of flowers.  However, when it comes to that special occasion, one will never alter from that exact bouquet they really want. Click here to buy Exotic Bouquet! Depending on creativity, these wonderful flowers generate the ultimate bouquet for any occasion. Here are some of the many flowers that can be seen in a tropical bouquet.                                                          

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                       Heliconia Flower

             Heliconia (Heliconia Pendula) (Frosty)

  • double colored with pinkish red on the lower half of the cheek, red on the upper half, with a yellow lip and tip.
  • Stems have a waxy coating and flowers have frosty tips.
  • easy cultivation, spectacular presence, and favorite garden subjects.



Hibiscus Flower              Hibiscus (China-Rose)     

  • flowers are large, originally red in general, flat, trumpet-shaped flowers with five petals ranging from white to pink, red, purple or yellow.
  • basically have no scent and it is grown in the tropic and subtropic regions
  • seen as hair decoration ornament                                                            


                                          Laelia (orchid) Laelia Orchid           

  • found in the subtropical climates mostly in high   elevations, preferring sunny, dry and cool conditions.
  • beautiful with pink to purple with a colored purple lip becoming white closer to the center. 



   Maxillaria Orchid               Maxillaria (orchid)

  • found in the mountainous and coastal ranges
  • two leaves on each bulb and several flowers at once on each growth.
  • yellowish going to whitish to the tips with brownish-red markings on the exterior of the flower.
  • extremely fragrant.


Morning Glory Flower                                                        

           Morning Glory (Ipomea species)

  • flowers are vines, which are saucer-shaped, opening on morning time.
  • full bloom in the early morning and usually start to fade a few hours before the "petals" start showing visible curling.



                                         Cattleya (Cattleya Amethystoglossa)

Cattleya flower

  • found in bright, airy, humid locations
  • rare lavender colored flowers, producing 20 flowers at a time in an inflorescence.
  • lip is bright magenta in color and partially wraps around the column.
  • the throat varies in color from white to pale yellow or gold


White Plumeria Flower

          White Plumeria (Frangipani)

  • propeller shaped with a delicate yellow center and a creamy white outer petal.
  • native to New Zealand, the Hawaiian Islands and throughout the world.
  • highly scented during nights and are often used in bouquets.
  • more than 300 named varieties


Bird of Paradise Flower         Bird of Paradise ( Crane Flower)

  • very popular as an ornamental plant.
  • beautiful reminiscent of flying birds.
  • flowers stand above the foliage at the tips of long stalks.
  • widely introduced around the world growing well in any area that is sunny and warm.


These are some of the many varieties of tropical flowers available worldwide whether found in a tropical climate or ordered online through a supplier. Creativity, design, and imagination will create the perfect combination.