When we think of tropical, the first meaning that comes to mind is sandy beaches, plush greenery, and blue skies. This also provides one of the most scenic beauties of tropical and exotic flowers. These make for beautiful and creative flower arrangements and with minimum instruction, anyone can create their own bouquet.

Tropical Flower BouquetImagination and a good sense of colors is a basic key in designing any floral bouquet coupled with a touch of love and pride. The tropical islands offer exotic combinations of flowers that grow wild and what you do not find, a florist supply outlet will have what you need. Creating your own flower arrangement can depend on your mood and what is available at that time. The size and style along with a color scheme will go well with with your design.

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Matching colors on what vase or container being used for a bouquet is important in any flower combination. So let’s get started!

First – when matching colors, use the color circle below and formulate designs according to what tone you will be using.

Flower arrangement Color Circle

Second – for a single tone combination, use flowers of the same color tone like red, orange, or yellow.

Third – use complimentary colors on the opposite side of the wheel like oranges and blues, greens and purples.

Fourth – colors on the same side of the circle like blues, purples and reds, or oranges, yellows, and greens, are relative colors.

Finish off these colors with greenery set in back of the colors making the leaves stand taller than the flowers. It creates a full effect and compliments the colors very well. Buy a Fantasy Bouquet Now!

Now, the question that does come to mind is where does white play in all of this. White is found in ordinary flower bouquets because of its soft color and accent to other flowers. When used in a tropical bouquet, limit the use of white as it will draw attention away from the tropical look.

There you have it! These are basic ideas for color arranging  when creating a tropical flower bouquet. With style, fun, and imagination, anyone can create their own bouquet.