When creating a tropical bouquet, using the correct tools and supplies will enhance the chances of a beautiful bouquet. These tools can be found at any hardware or crafts store. Some of these basic tools can also be found in the home or garage. There are building kits available as well which includes everything needed to create a bouquet. Contact a local florist or search online for these kits. Another option is to have an experienced florist design and make a bouquet. This will guarantee a good product and also free the time needed with other preparations. This can get a bit expensive as the florist will need a theme and size of the ceremony in order to arrange the bouquets. The advantage to this is that a professional florist is experienced and well trained to know exactly how it works. On the other hand, designing a bouquet with the correct tools and supplies and a handful of selected flowers can easily cut the cost of what it would normally be from a florist. In a tropical environment, most of these flowers are available in any direction or flowers can be ordered in bulk through a florist. Once on hand, tools and supplies are still needed to make these wonderful bouquets. The key is to have fun, be creative, and know the colors!

If heavy into crafting, it is possible to have all the tools needed to create a wonderful display. Here are some of the basic tools.



floral tools

Cushion Grip Wire Cutters – used for cutting floral wire for a bouquet


floral tools/ cutters

Beadsmith Wire Cutters - can be used for very thin wire or flowers with tiny stems


floral tool / pliers

Needle Nose Pliers – used for twisting wire around the stems of large flowers such as lilies. Bend the ends of the wire and tuck the end inside toward the center of the winding. This prevents the wire from cutting your hand when holding the bouquet.


floral tool / shears

Floral Shears – serrated blade edges are perfect for cutting through live stems and tough jobs.


floral supplies

Green Floral Tape - comes in a ssorted sizes and used for covering the stems or branches, and hiding the wire wrap. The bouquet will also look professionally made.


floral supplies / wireFloral Wire – used to keep stems and branches in a desired position when arranging the flowers. Also keeps the bouquet steady and firm.


crafting glue gun / floralglue gun sticks / floral

Glue Gun and Glue Sticks – preferred by many crafters as the easiest way to keep things together. Use a dab of glue to seal the end of the floral tape after wrapping. Eliminates the use of pins especially for a handheld bouquet. Purchase the glue sticks as the gun will not function properly without it.

       To add beauty to your arrangement is the use of assorted ribbons. These will add style and elegance to your combination. Collecting photos or magazines of flower bouquets will give a better idea to make a beautiful product and with creative imagination, anyone can design and build a Tropical flower Bouquet.