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Types of Tropical Flowers

   Tropical Flower Bouquet          There are many tropical flower bouquets to choose from whether a display or a handheld bouquet. Lots of tropical flowers grow native in their own region and can be used when designing such a wonderful bouquet. Each flower has its own personality and fragrance and in a natural tropical environment, these beauties can be seen in any direction. When mixed in with other flowers, it creates a beautiful addition to any home or landscape. A professional florist can help and provide assistance in designing any winning combination of flowers.  However, when it comes to that special occasion, one will never alter from that exact bouquet they really want. Click here to buy Exotic Bouquet! Depending on creativity, these wonderful flowers generate the ultimate bouquet for any occasion. Here are some of the many flowers that can be seen in a tropical bouquet.                                                          

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                       Heliconia Flower

             Heliconia (Heliconia Pendula) (Frosty)

  • double colored with pinkish red on the lower half of the cheek, red on the upper half, with a yellow lip and tip.
  • Stems have a waxy coating and flowers have frosty tips.
  • easy cultivation, spectacular presence, and favorite garden subjects.



Hibiscus Flower              Hibiscus (China-Rose)     

  • flowers are large, originally red in general, flat, trumpet-shaped flowers with five petals ranging from white to pink, red, purple or yellow.
  • basically have no scent and it is grown in the tropic and subtropic regions
  • seen as hair decoration ornament                                                            


                                          Laelia (orchid) Laelia Orchid           

  • found in the subtropical climates mostly in high   elevations, preferring sunny, dry and cool conditions.
  • beautiful with pink to purple with a colored purple lip becoming white closer to the center. 



   Maxillaria Orchid               Maxillaria (orchid)

  • found in the mountainous and coastal ranges
  • two leaves on each bulb and several flowers at once on each growth.
  • yellowish going to whitish to the tips with brownish-red markings on the exterior of the flower.
  • extremely fragrant.


Morning Glory Flower                                                        

           Morning Glory (Ipomea species)

  • flowers are vines, which are saucer-shaped, opening on morning time.
  • full bloom in the early morning and usually start to fade a few hours before the "petals" start showing visible curling.



                                         Cattleya (Cattleya Amethystoglossa)

Cattleya flower

  • found in bright, airy, humid locations
  • rare lavender colored flowers, producing 20 flowers at a time in an inflorescence.
  • lip is bright magenta in color and partially wraps around the column.
  • the throat varies in color from white to pale yellow or gold


White Plumeria Flower

          White Plumeria (Frangipani)

  • propeller shaped with a delicate yellow center and a creamy white outer petal.
  • native to New Zealand, the Hawaiian Islands and throughout the world.
  • highly scented during nights and are often used in bouquets.
  • more than 300 named varieties


Bird of Paradise Flower         Bird of Paradise ( Crane Flower)

  • very popular as an ornamental plant.
  • beautiful reminiscent of flying birds.
  • flowers stand above the foliage at the tips of long stalks.
  • widely introduced around the world growing well in any area that is sunny and warm.


These are some of the many varieties of tropical flowers available worldwide whether found in a tropical climate or ordered online through a supplier. Creativity, design, and imagination will create the perfect combination.

Flower Bouquets from Amazon

        Many unique styles of tropical flower bouquets can depend on the occasion, ceremony, or just home and office decoration. The variety of bouquets available will include all shapes and sizes to fit  every need. A professional florist can arrange any bouquet according to which theme is requested for the occasion. These creative bouquets will add color and style wherever it is placed.