Tropical Flower Wedding BouquetIn any part of a wedding, the bride is the center of attention and what compliments her special moment is a bridal bouquet. Not just any bridal bouquet, but a tropical flower bouquet. These ultimate combinations of tropical flowers add beauty and grace to the bride making her the center of attention. Sorry guys! That’s how it works! For the women, you are what you wear at your wedding and your tropical flower bouquet will reflect your beauty and personality. The color combinations and fragrance will also remind her of that special night each time she passes these wonderful bouquets. There are many different styles and arrangements to choose from through a local florist or ordered online which can get a bit expensive but none are more rewarding than designing and creating your own flower bouquet. For those living in a tropical environment, these flowers are everywhere and your creativity will set the tone for the exact bouquet. When combining different colors and varieties, the outcome will be a beautiful display. Click here to buy How-to-Guide! Here are some typical flowers used when designing a tropical flower bridal bouquet.

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Tropical Flower Orchid


Orchids – always a favorite choice as wedding flowers. With more than hundreds of orchids to choose from, these are the perfect choice when creating a tropical wedding bouquet. They symbolize beauty, style, and love.




Tropical Flower Anthuriums


Anthuriums – a very unique flower. In the shape of a heart, these flowers are beautiful and long lasting. With a silky touch to its beauty, these almost look like they are not real. They attract a lot of attention when used as a bridal bouquet or arrangement.





Tropical Flower Hibiscus Bouquet


  Hibiscus – usually red and also come in two tone colors such as pink and yellow. Used mostly for beach and Hawaiian themed weddings, complimenting the bride with extreme elegance. Look great when stems are cut and placed in a clear bowl of water with a candle in the center.



Tropical Flower Plumeria Bouquet


Plumeria – a classic Hawaiian tropical flower. Not having stems, these can be stringed together to form a bouquet. Dominantly white, but available in dark red, yellow, and pink.




Tropical Flower Bouvaria Bouquet


 Bouvardia are white, pink, red and grow on clusters on thin branching stems. Resembling a star, these flowers are exotic and found in traditional bouquets. A stunning arrangement when mixed with other flowers.





Tropical Flower Calla Lillies Bouquet


Calla lilies – an elegant choice for a tropical bouquet. Usually white, they’re also available in orange and yellow. With their decorative beauty, they are big enough to use as singles in a bridal bouquet. Smaller lilies work very well with other combination of flowers.




These are some of the flowers used in a tropical flower bouquet. When designing your own bouquet, creativity and imagination are key factors in your design.

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